Kirsten Voege’s Social Media Feeds & Updates

Interested in staying up to date on all things Kirsten Voege? aka KV? Below Kirsten shares all her social media feeds & updates.

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Kirsten Voege's Personal Social Media Feeds
Like most humans and marketers, KV is active on social media.

Following is an at-a-glance recap of KV’s personal social media feeds. Take a look. After you do, why don’t you  give a follow?

Also, to make it easy, you can use the QR codes. Basically, you just open your camera shoot it at a code and yep, you will be taken directly to each social media feed. Obviously, our goal is to help you stay up to date! Cheers to that!

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Check out the latest updates on KV’s Personal Social Media Feeds below:

Kirsten’s Instagram Social Media Feed

Kirsten Voege Social Media Feed INSTAGRAM QR CODE

Here KV shares personal thoughts, events, activities, ideas on marketing, and her values and philosophy.

There are photos, quotes and observations. So, if you are on IG, give my handle a follow!

Kirsten’s Twitter Feed & Updates

Kirsten Voege Social Media Feed TWITTER QR CODE

KV tweets to share personal anecdotes, insights and comment on trends and news.


While Kirsten loves to be a part of the conversation, please NOTE: all tweets are KV’s personal product and viewpoint. In her Twitter feed, KV also shares updates on marketing, equality, women’s leadership, corporate branding, and innovation.

So, if you are on Twitter, check out the feed.

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Kirsten’s Facebook Feed

Kirsten Voege Social Media Feed FACEBOOK QR CODE

KV uses Facebook to share personal updates and relevant news.

So, if you are on Facebook, please check out the page and give a follow.

Kirsten’s LINKEDIN Social Media Feeds

Kirsten Voege Social Media Feed LINKEDIN QR CODE

LinkedIn is a professional networking site.

Kirsten has a personal profile as well as a company page on LinkedIN.

ON LI KV posts and shares newsworthy stories and commentary on trending topics. #nopolitics

KV will also share corporate news about KIRated Communications on that page. When you are on LinkedIn, take a look at these pages and give us a follow.

KV’s Personal LINKEDIN

KV’s Company KIRated Communications on LINKEDIN

What’s more?

Kirsten is also an avid music fan. Unquestionably, one of her favorite bands is U2.

Stuck in a Moment Song Lyrics, U2, written by Adam Clayton, Dave Evans, Larry Mullen and Paul Hewson
Stuck in a Moment Song Lyrics, U2,
Written by Adam Clayton, Dave Evans, Larry Mullen and Paul Hewson

Click below to listen to Stuck in A Moment….which surely KV hopes you are not.
Stuck in a Moment – U2

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